Bombay Beach Photo Shoot with Jasmine Alkouri

For the final leg of our Salton Sea photo shoot, Jasmine and I hit Bombay Beach on the way back home. This once thriving resort and fishing town is now almost completely abandoned. People left the area due to water pollution which, sadly, killed all the fish. For the urban exploration peeps, this place is gold! Lots of abandoned buildings, graffiti, decay, and...of all things...a drive-in theater. The drive-in was filled with old, junked cars plus a boat and was the perfect spot for us to take some last shots before sunset. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes video along with the photos. Cheers!

East Jesus Photo Shoot with Jasmine Alkouri

East Jesus is an off-the-grid, hippie artist commune that resides within Slab City (the last free place in America), which is basically a giant squatters community. Located in the desert of California's Imperial County (3 hours outside of Los Angeles), East Jesus exists to escape mainstream living and an ordered society. This place is awesome and we could not pass up the opportunity to shoot at this very unique camp. The residents were super cool and, in the spirit of Slab City, they let Jasmine and I do whatever the hell we wanted to do. It was liberating, it was exciting, and definitely one for the books. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes video along with the photos.  Lastly, stay tuned for the third and final part of our Salton Sea shoot as we venture into Bombay Beach (a now almost completely abandoned resort town).

Salvation Mountain Photo Shoot with Jasmine Alkouri

This is the first of a 3 part photo shoot I did with Jasmine Alkouri around the Salton Sea area on 11.6.2017. Our first stop was Salvation Mountain. Considering this was an all day shoot out in the desert, we couldn't have asked for better weather. It was perfect and I'd say both God and Mother Nature were on our side. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes video along with the photos. Stay tuned for the second part of this trilogy shot at East Jesus. Peace & Blessings.